Deck with wrap around stairs

Wrap-around deck stairs 

    One of the most popular types of deck stairs when building a ground level decks are wrap around stairs. If you want to have an apealing and more functional alternative to conventional stairs, wrap around deck stairs could be the best option. Besides its usual application you can use wrap around steps to sit on which may replaces the need to build deck benches.

Cascading stairs 

   Built with multiple stair stringers wrap around stairs, also called as cascading stairs are designed to increase in size towards the ground.

Wrap-around deck steps 

   Most of the raised decks including patio stairs require a buildig permit, unless your deck with cascadig wrap around stairs do not exceed 24” in height. It’s always recommended to consult with your local deck builders and the townhall to make sure your deck project has all necessary permits and clearances.

Wrap around patio stairs 

   The low deck on the photo has a cascading wrap around stairs on one corner while another side is closed with a deck skirting. Space under the decks can be often occupied by pests or other wildlife making it a permamnet shelter, so wrap around patio stairs can be a very functional and attractive alternative to cover under the deck whether it’s lattice skirting or board to board skirting.

Patio builders 

  Wrap around deck stairs can present a tripping hazard. Ontario Building code sets standards for deck stairs icluding wrap around deck cascading stairs. The patio contractors must determine the details on minimum and maximum sized of treads and risers as well as guard rail requirements for your particular deck with cascading wrap around stairs to meet the minimum safety requirements. The design framing for cascading stairs, whether it’s stringers or boxes set on top of each other as well as other specific conditions should be thought through in details for every single project.