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Questions & Answers about Deck

Do the treatments chemicals used for protecting wooden decking impose any harm to health?

Not at all. Timber decking is completely safe – for children, for pets and for plants. The process of impregnating the timber means that the preservative substances in decking are ‘locked’ into the wood – even when in contact with water.

Can I construct a wooden deck by myself, or I should I hire a professional deck builder?

It is possible to build a deck by your own, although a professional competence is required. However, a decking company can develop for you much more custom designs and plans  and top advice on maintenance. 

Is decking long lasting?

Timber decks are very durable. That is because naturally durable wood species or pressure-treated softwoods are used in their construction. Our recommendation is that decks should preferably be built from pressure-treated softwood. Modern preservative treatments mean that the timber decking should be protected against wood rotting fungi, decay and insect attack – without further treatment – for many years. If maintained to some extent, a deck should be structurally sound for around 25 years.

How can I customize my deck?

It’s pretty much up to you – timber decks can be customized to your own decorative or stylistic tastes. The choice of additional design features – elevations, pebble pools, balustrades, trellises, steps and so on – is yours. Similarly, stain your deck to practically any type of colour you like.

Are decks slippery when wet?

A well-maintained deck, if kept clean, won’t be slippery when wet – that would be the fault of algae, lichens or other build-up of plant growth. If you don't want to clean your deck once a year – choose a ribbed or grooved profile to be sure. If a deck is north facing or in a shaded area under trees, it may be more susceptible to algae and moss growth in the wet seasons – the agents of slipperiness on any surface - but basic cleaning with a stiff yard brush or occasional power spray, will prevent this becoming an issue.

Where can decks be positioned?

Decks can be pretty much positioned anywhere – the choice is yours! Timber decks are flexible structures that can be located to suit you – although they are particularly good at ironing out slopes, or covering worn out lawns or unsightly patios - whether you want to enjoy your deck in a sunny open site, have it as a garden island or as combined balcony and veranda, or place it in an intimate, shady spot.

Do decks need maintenance?

Not as much as you’d think, and not more than any patio. Once or maybe twice a season, especially in the spring, it would be prudent to give a deck a good clean – either by a stiff brushing or with a pressure spray. Also, depending on the finish, it would be sensible to give it a coat of water repellent, seal or oil – depending on how you’ve finished it – every once in a while. If your deck is stained or coloured, it will need a re-coat perhaps every two or three years.