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1. Deck size, location and shape.

Decks should be planned out to suit your needs both now and in the future.  This may include a place to entertain, dine out or just chill out.  It can also be a play area for children.  The planning of your deck should take into account several things. These include:  

3. Deck Posts and Holes

Now you need to figure out where to dig the holes to place the posts that will support your deck. The string line you set up is 2’0” to the outside of the deck all around.  Your string rectangle should measure 12’0” x 24’0”.  The number of posts to be used in supporting your deck is directly affected by the size of your deck and/or the complexity of your deck. 

2. Deck Layout

It’s always better to work from a drawing rather than out of your mind (just a figure of speech).   In other words, draw out what you want in as much detail as possible.  You need to include dimensions as well.   Here’s the thing, if the county where your deck is to be built requires a permit, and it probably will, then the code enforcement division of your local government may want any or all of the following drawings:foundation plans, floor plans, elevations and sections.

4. Deck Structure

This deck will be level with whatever door allows access to it (kitchen and/or living room).  You will step out of your house onto the deck.  The deck boards will butt into your house right below the threshold of the door.  This is so rainwater or melting snow won’t run into your house.  Below the deck boards are the joists.