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If you’re looking for an Ottawa Fence Contractor, you’ll be pleased to know that over the years, we have developed a specific expertise in installing iron and wood fences to meet our customer’s needs. We are Ottawa based fencing contractor with experienced fence specialists. Installing iron and wooden fences are the main specialization of FeDeck Fencing Specialists. We provide top quality fencing products at affordable prices. Ottawa Fencing Contractors

Wood fencing offers a contemporary look to your home that will have multiple advantages. From keeping your home private, to stopping your pets escaping, fences exist in almost every household’s garden. We know that investing in building a wood fence for your garden should be your own choice. We have worked with clients in Toronto, Ottawa, Kanata and surrounding areas to ensure that the fences we install are to their specific requirements. We want you to feel happy with your fence, and so customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

As one of the reliable Ottawa Fence company, we know that our customers want high quality fencing products that are going to work year after year. We are proud to say that the fences we build are stylish and have high, lasting quality. We ensure that our fences meet both worldwide and canadian fencing quality standards.

At FeDeck  -Ottawa Fencing Company we believe a new wood fence or any other type of fence for your home should be pleasing to look at while accommodating for the property and its owners. We take into consideration the boundary, privacy and security. Then we account for security, longevity and decorative qualities suiting to the homeowner.

We work to cater your individual requirements. We use high quality fencing material to construct your fence. At the end, you’ll know that you have a solid iron or wooden fence that isn’t going to rot or blow over in the coming years. We assure you that the work of our fencing specialists is of the highest quality.

 Is Wood Fence a good choice for you?

A Wood fence provides plenty of practical uses and is a good choice for any home. Whether you want to gain privacy, safely corral kids and pets, block wind and noise, or simply prevent people from wandering into your garden, wood fences provide contemporary looks that accomplish your goals. Upon choosing the right wooden fence for your garden, you’ll also notice that it provides a strong aesthetic statement – improving your home’s overall appeal and values.

Wood Fencing have been Ottawa homeowners’ favorite choice since many years ago. In fact, the majority of homeowners in Ottawa invests in PT pressure treated wooden fences because it’s considered tradition as well as a reliable and affordable if compared. Wooden fencing provide an inexpensive and lightweight way to protect your garden and add aesthetic appeal.

Another major reason for investing in wood fences is the fact that it can be shaped and formed to your individual needs. It doesn’t matter how curvy your garden is, FeDeck - Ottawa Fencing Contractors ' specialists can cut and shape your fence to fit your garden.

Ottawa Fence and Decks: What options if considering a Wood Fencing?

There are dozens of fencing styles to choose from, whether it’s linear post-and-rail or crisscrossing lattice, wood fences give you both the feel and look of a modern home. Wooden fencing also come in myriad picket patterns and post-cap designs. Upon installing the fence, our fence builders as a key-turn fencing contarctor in Ottawa can stain the wood for you to make it pop out or recede from the landscape.

There are several types of wood fencing, and it entirely depends on what your specific requirements are.

Cedar Fences are one of the most popular choices, as they are known to be extremely high-quality and they look great. Other options available to you include Redwood Fences, Spruce Fences and Treated Pine Fences.

The two most popular options are Spruce and Pressure Treated Pine fences. These fences typically have a lifespan of between eight and ten years.  More expensive wood such as Cedar and Redwood are known to last between fifteen and twenty years – although they are more expensive.  It’s important to identify what your budget is, and then choose a wood which is going to be perfect for your home. Whatever wood you choose, you’ll be glad to know that they are all built within the fencing industry high quality regulations and will last for many years to come. 

Fencing Contarctors in Ottawa 

Ottawa Fence Contractors

 FeDeck Fencing Contractor in Ottawa can usually tailor your wood fence for your individual needs too. By choosing a wood with individual blending of color and characteristics, you’ll be able to stand out from your neighbors. No fence is the same. Wood has a ‘footprint’ so to speak, much like our fingerprints. So choosing the perfect wood fencing for your home is easily achieved.

Rest assured that we possess the knowledge and expertise to carry out the work you require. There’s a reason we’re the leading provider of Ottawa Wood Fence. So, go ahead and call us today for a free estimate on your project today!