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Fence Contractors Fencing Builders, Installers is one of the trusted Fencing Contractors in Toronto (GTA). Our company's fence masters install a wide variety of both residential and commercial fencing. All of our fence installers have fencing building experience and work with full-time or part-time and year round. For fencing construction we use fencing material from reputable Canadian manufacturers and guarantee a good quality on all of our fences and decks. We keep our prices affordable and reasonable to satisfy both our clients and to mantain a good quality of workmanship with high quality fencing material. Fedeck fence masters provide fencing intallation services in Toronto, Missisauga, Brampton, Markham and other towns in GTA. 

Before you start your fence building project, wheather you choose fence masters or any other fence contractors in Toronto, make sure you know what type of fence you need:fencing contractors


Decorative Fences:

Privacy Fences:

Security Fences:

Garden Fences:

Farm Fences:

Pool Fences:



Wood Fence: There are many wood fencing styles and fence designs available, so anyone can choose the one that would fit the propeerty's design concept and meet the fencing needs of the residents. 

Picket Fence is the most popular type of wood fencing. Depending on a design Picket Fencing provides security and privacy. Here you can find several examples of picket fences, such as shadowbox, scallop, Stockade etc.

Panel Fence is considered to be a less time consuming fence installtion solution. Panel Fencing can be both picket fencing or a solid wood or vinyl board prepaired beforehand so it take less time to install a fence structure.

Board on Board Fence Style is considered to be a complete and secure wood fence.

Side-By-Side Fence is a commonly prefferd  type of security and privacy fencing design because of it's simplicity and good look.fence contractors

Halfmoon Fence which is also called as Convex with curving boundaries that bulges outward is another example of a security fence with a visual decoration.
Louver Fence is a type of fencing which is both decorative and security as well as providing privacy. Fedeck  is one of the Louver Fencing Contractors in Toronto building these types of wood fences professionally.
Lattice Fence: Lattice fencing is mainly used for decorative purposes when building garden fences and lanscaping.
Lattice Top Fence is a good neighbor fence providing nice look from both sides while maintaingn its security and privacy fencing function.
Scallop Fence with an outline or surface that curves inward like the interior of a circle or sphere, also known as Concave Fence provides privacy, security along with a beautiful fencing design.
Shadowbox Fence is a very popular type of residential fencing because of its both aesthetic features (because othe appearance of the wood fence from both side is nice and complete) and security charasteristics. Airflow circulation is another distinctive advantage of the Wood Shadowbox Fences. 
Stockade Fences provide privacy and secutity, usually installed by professionals because of their beautiful appearance and durability if compared to some other types of wood fencing .
Flex Fence: decorative type of fencing design also considered as a louver fencing which can be either flexing or fixed.
Space Picket Fence is a classic economic type of fencing providing decorative effect. Although space picket fencing walls you off the neighbour it does not isolate you completely giving a harmony of living with neighbors.
Corral Fence:
Round Rail Fence:
Split Rail Fence:
Ranch Rail Fence:
Scalloped Picket Fence:
Gothic Picket Fence:

Vinyl Fence: Vinyl fencing is a durable and high-quality tipe of fencing which will serve you longer if compared with wood fences.

Shadow Box Vinyl Fence:

Bracketed Stockade Fence:

Bracketless Stockade Fence: This type of vinyl fencing enhances privacy and traditional wood style. Vinyl Fences can resist bad weather conditions as well as insects. Vinyl Fences are easy to maintain and they serve longer than traditional wood fencing.

Composite Fence: A modern technology lets us enjoy the beauty and smell of wood with durability, insects and bad weather damage resistence of vinyl fence. All these charactirictics belong to Composite fencing, which become more popular in Canada and the rest of the world.
Composite pickets and poles are structurally the same as wooden ones so the varity of fencing designs is almost the same as with wood fencing.

Steel Fence:

Galvanized Steel Chain Link Fence is a low-maintenance safety fencing solution widely used for fencing residential and commercial territories and buildings.

Wrought Iron Fence:

Aluminium Fence: is a lightweight  alternative to wrought iron which is easy to install. It's also durable and need less efforts for maintanence.


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No matter which fence contractors you will hire make sure they have a good fence building experince and reputation as well as composite and wood decking construction . Quotes fencing contractors give clients may vary significantly but it doesn't always mean that some fence builders keep their fencing installation prices higher than others. So make sure quotes you get are made for the same type of fencing materials, quality and timing. For example some fencing contractors use special foam for Pole holes while others use old-proved concrete mix. The price of foam is twice higher than concrete, but quality, timing and mess is less which means that your custom fence will be finished faster and your backyard with green lawn and landscaping design will stay neat and clean.
Fedeck fence masters always give clients full and detailed information on materials used and construction flow. Fedeck .com strives to satisfy the client to maintain our reputation as fast, high-quality and best-price fence contractor in Toronto, Missisauga, Brampton, Markham, Scarborough and other towns in GTA.

Feel free to call us and lear how we can make your outdoor space more comfortable and beautiful.