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logo decks ottawa sm is a local deck builder in Ottawa with full-service deck building solutions, from  Unique Deck Designs, Plans to building decks.  We use quality Certified materials from major suppliers and offer Competititve Pricing with 5-Year Warranty. As one of the reliable deck builders our decking services are 100% The Building Code Compliance Guaranteed . Our deck specialists take care of obtaining  Deck Permits without hassles of paperwork and multiple visits. 

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 Designing, planing,  obtaining a building permit and finally building a high decks is a regular routine for our deck specialists at FeDeck.com. It might be a challenge for many homeowners to find the most experienced deck contractors to build a high deck.  High decks need to be built with a strict and thorough compliance with the regulations to meet the maximum of standarts for high deck building. 

 The high deck on the picture covers the space of over 200 sq.ft and give a picteresque view over the Kanata lakes neighborhood. With solar lights and aluminum balusters this high elevation deck fits the overall architectural harmony of the buildings and general backyard concept. 

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  As any elevated decks this high deck can also be classified as a deck balcony. To be a full scale high deck it needs a deck staircase and landing which is mandatory for high elevation decks of such height.  

 If you have any deck ideas whether building a new high deck, renovating an old deck or upgraging the existing one by adding an extension, or outdoor staircase to the existing high elevation decks our deck builders will be happy to introduce designs of high decks to make your dream decking ideas come true from paperwork to implementation.   

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