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logo decks ottawa sm is a local deck builder in Ottawa with full-service deck building solutions, from  Unique Deck Designs, Plans to building decks.  We use quality Certified materials from major suppliers and offer Competititve Pricing with 5-Year Warranty. As one of the reliable deck builders our decking services are 100% The Building Code Compliance Guaranteed . Our deck specialists take care of obtaining  Deck Permits without hassles of paperwork and multiple visits. 

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 Framing was made with accordance to the building permit with pressure treated pine lumber of premium quality. The rail guards of this veranda deck is done with pvc railings of 42 inch height

Decking boards are veranda elite composite decking 16ft exotic jarrahwood connected with veranda hidden deck fasteners. Veranda deck as well as trex composite decks is a great solution for those willing to have low maintenance decks.

Veranda Composite Decks 

Veranda decking boards and hidden fasteners are available at Home Depot stores.

This veranda deck project was built at Coulson court in Kanata, Ottawa Area, Ontario, successfully passed 4 city inspections and was accepted as safe and 100 % compliant to the City of Ottawa's regulations and Ontario Building Code, as well as Supplementary Standart SB-7 Guidelines. Any veranda composite decks to be designed and built more than 2 feet above ground must have building permits. 

Our professional local deck builders have experience in building with veranda decking boards. Call to book free deck consultaions and our deck specialists will visit your home to discuss your deck ideas and give advice on veranda composite decks and which one would perfectly suit your needs in accordance with your house location, deck usage and expectations. As one of the local deck contractors we are happy to help you with all your deck building projects from deck desings, plans to complete veranda deck construction.

   See more photos of veranda decks and this decking project with white vinyl railings Kanata, Ottawa on our facebook page !

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