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Fasteners: We only use screws, carriage bolts, and lag bolts.. never nails. Ottawa Deck Builders Fence Contractors

Lumber Storage: When your lumber is delivered, it is moved in the backyard and wrapped in a tarp and soaked with water. With the heat of Ottawa summers, as well as the altitude, it is important to store the lumber properly.

Respect for your property: We respect your property. Tarps are placed or your lawn and the “garbage” is put directly on them. This way the garbage is contained, and your lawn doesn’t end up with paint chips or scraps on it. The site is kept clean and safe.

Decking suppliers: We buy decking and fencing boards, posts from a reliable and quality-tusted lumber suppliers. The largest lumberyard in Ottawa. With their high volume, the quality of material is excellent. Just look at the pictures to see the difference.

Custom Decks and Railings

New Deck Construction: Proper custom deck planning is the key element in building a deck. The decks should be large enough for a barbeque, patio furniture and whatever else you require. FeDeck- Deck Specialists Ottawa guarantees that any decks which do not satisfy you requirements, will leave you a little unhappy.

Railings: Railings can be made from the traditional balusters 2"x2", 2"x4", with 5/4x6" or 2"x6" handrails, or from maintenance free aluminum railing, with many decorative options.

Deck Additions and Deck Renovations 

Deck Renovation and Repair: A lot of decks in Ottawa were built out of spruce lumber. Spruce lumber does not have enough oil in it to prevent it from rotting from the weather. As a result the platforms have to be replaced and the joists reinforced.

Deck Additions: When adding onto a deck, it is important to keep the continuity in your design. The height should be maintained, the platform continued and the railing sustained. The addition should make the deck large enough to be fully functional.

Fences.. Repair Fence vs. New Fence Construction (Installation) 

Fence Renovation and Repair: Many fences in Otawa were built out of spruce timber. Spruce is known for weak resistence to weather due to lacj of oil in it. As a result, fences commonly have posts breaking off, boardsfalling out, and gates that won't open. FeDeck - Fence Installers can fix all these problems.

Building a New Fence:
New fences should be constructed out of ACQ and PWF pressure treated lumber, or cedar lumber. When building a new fence, it is critical to follow these construction steps.
(1) 4"x4" PWF fence posts should be put 3' into the ground and encased in cement.
(2) Three 2"x4" should be put between the post in each section.
(3) Fence boards should be screwed in. 

Decking & Fencing Wood Types 

There are three different types of wood used in building decks and fences. ACQ pressure treated, cedar, and composite.

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ACQ Pressure Treated Deck and Fence 

Cedar Deck and Fence ACQ pressure treated decking and fencing provides protection against rot, decay, and insects. It is available in 5/4X6", 2"X6", 2"X8", 2"X10", 4"X4", 1"X6", and 1"X4".

 Cedar is a superior all weather decking material. Cedar in naturally resistant to decay and insect damage because of its high preservative oil content. It is available in 5/4X6", 2"X6", 2"X8", 2"X10", 4"X4", 1"X6", and 1"X4".

Composite Deck and Fence 

Composite deck “boards” can resists mould, mildew as well as grease stains and fading. Deck care and maintenance it it's made of composite decking materials is easy. You're just adviced to wash it with water once a year to clean from dirt in order to prevent from mildew and moul appear in between the boards. 

Deck Fasteners 

We only use screws, carriage bolts, and lag bolts when building your deck or fence. The screws are either hot dipped or stainless steel, and are selected for their (1) holding capacity (2) resistance to corrosion. It is important to us the right fasteners otherwise it can compromise the longevity of your deck and fence project as well as its appearance and safety.

Fence Contractors

Garden fencing or commercial fence installation is one of the main services has been providing in Kanata and all Ottawa Area. is a fence company that strives to provide our clients with the high quality fencing materials and craftsmanship. Our innovative fencing solutions are designed to stylistically complement your landscape or house. With our fence construction expertise, we can offer beautiful and long lasting fencing structures for your house! A unique fence design is provided free of charge for our clients. There is absolutely no obligations for ordering a free estimate of your graden fencing if you decide to learn how much will it cost to build a fence. Free fence construction estimate is also provided if you want to compare the quotes you have taken from other fencing firms. Our fence company strives to provide the high of fence building services quality at affordable price so that our clients are satisfied and the employees have the desirable work at a company with good customer and employee reputation. offers a wide range of professional fencing solutions: You can select from a number of fencing types that works best for you. All the fences are durable and provide security to your home.

Wooden fences are designed to fit any sized yard and are a great addition to your backyard and the best solution for those who prefer ecological fencing.

Aluminum fences provide the traditional attraction of a wrought iron fence without the high maintenance -annual expense for sanding, scraping and painting. 

Vinyl fences are great. The distinctive advantage of vinyl fencing is low maintenance cost and durability. There is a wide variety of vinyl fence styles which will satisfy your requirements of privacy and design.

Chain link is the most affordable for consumers and it offers durability and security.

Custom Fencing: Custom Design Fence construction os the main speciality of our professional fence designers and fence builders.

If you are not interested in any of the above fences,'s experts can develop and provide a custom fence project that suits your needs and ideas.