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One of the distinct advantages of house is an opportunity in the warm season to spend more time outdoors. The area around the estate becomes a big room where you can comfortably stay during the day, for reading books, having dinner, and even sleeping. To spend the holidays in a more civilized manner, many houses are furnished with decks. By definition, a deck in the architecture is an attached to the house open platform, with protected from rain canopy with the main room separate from entrance. Today decks are also constructed as stair platforms on slopes surrounding area arranged properly and adapted for recreation such as pools, gardens and beaches. Traditionally flooring of decks are made of wood. Such terraces are cozy and comfortable for a long stay, as wood floor not only creates a thermal insulation layer, but also a certain mood, a sense of continuation of the living area. Decking can be called all kinds of terraced surfaces such as deck boards, outdoor boards, garden flooring, open platforms and walkways.

  • Wood Decking
  • Vinyl (PVC) Decking
  • Cedar Decking
  • Pressure Treated Wood Decking
  • Ipe Decking
  • Redwood Decking

Modern decking manufacture technologies

allow to produce decking materials resistant to rot of terraced surface. For manufacturing of deck there are usually used only the following resistant to rotting wood: larch, cedar; tropical species. Tropical wood is preferable in northern areas because it 's resistant to highly humid environment and have a natural protection against decay. Many exotic wood's manufacturers decking give up to 50 years guarantee on their decking products

Wood Deck

larch and cedar are inferior to its performance, Tropical Timber, but with proper care and timely treatment can last long enough, and the price of the decking is much lower than that determines its popularity.

Using decking can quickly transform

the old asphalt or concrete surface with a minimum of preparatory work. Also because it is well to create space around swimming pools and ponds, while stepping barefoot on warm wood coatings will be much nicer and safer than the slippery and terracotta or cold, especially on concrete. Therefore, the scope of the decking is not limited to the design of the infield, it can be successfully used for floors saunas and indoor pools.

Decking today

is usually produced in forms not only of the traditional wooden flooring, but also square modules, often the size of 30x30 cm or 50x50 cm. The modules consist of a substrate to which is fastened with screws (wooden slats) in accordance with a pattern. The substrates are made of durable plastic or as a frame of solid wood. Such garden flooring parts can be laid directly on the ground with providing good drainage area.

Decking Styles

Decking or deck board has rounded upper edge. Its front surface can be smooth or have longitudinal grooves with anti slip effect. Such decking is indispensable in open areas. Smooth decking is used mainly for flooring of balconies, verandas and terraces under a canopy. It is easier to clean and it has a decorative wood structure. Certain standard sizes for decking does not exist, each manufacturer offers its size, fluctuating in the range of 20 mm - thickness; 70-180 mm - width and from 1.5 to 6 m - length.

This type of decking is laid on wooden logs (preferably of the same breed as the decking itself or close in properties) in increments of no more than 1 m in order to avoid torsion. Between the floorboards there must be a gap of 3-5 mm for ventilation and water drainage. Styles of decking products have been varying because of the substitution of natural woods with composite and synthetic materials that minimize the disadvantages of natural materials proving new horizons for design and usage