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 Deck Building Permit is NOT NEEDED:

1 Deck level is not more than 60 cm (24 inches) above the grade
2 Decks with area less than 10 square metres (108 square feet) 
3 Decks NOT forming part of a principle entrance to a dwelling unit

 Deck Building Permit is NEEDED:

1 Deck Area is 10 sq.m (108 sq. ft) and more.
2 Deck is adjacent / attached to the house. Surface is 600 mm (24 in.) and more above the adjacent grade
3 Deck is independent from the house. Surface greater than 10 sq.m. (108 sq.ft) . Surface is 600 mm (24 in.) and more above the adjacent grade

Permit Application Requirements

The Ontario Building Code Act requires a permit to be issued prior to start deck construction, if any of the following occurs:

  • Deck is attached to house (or other existing structure)
  • Deck is occupying an area greater than 10m2 (108ft2)
  • Deck is adjacent to an entrance/exit

To Apply for a building permit for a deck, submit the following:

  • Completed application form;
  • Completed deck specification;
  • Copies of site plan/survey showing all existing structure and proposed deck with setbacks;
  • Copies of design drawings drawn to scale including:
    Plan View Showing

  • deck dimension,
  • post size,span and location
  • joists size, spacing and direction,
  • stair location and dimension

    Cross section/elevation showing:

  • deck height and connection to an existing structure,
  • footing/foundation size and depth,
  • guard/railing type

Deck Inspection and Specification

Div. C Article of the 2006 Ontario Building Code requires a site inspection within 2 business days (5 days for septic system related inspections) of receipt of notification.

Required Deck Inspection

  • Deck footing: Before pouring concrete for foundations.
  • Structural Framing: If underside of deck is less than 3'-0" above ground, framing inspection required before deck boards are installed.
  • Final inspection after the deck is completed:

Deck Specifications


Deck Permit Specification

Deck Building Permit Drawings Service Ottawa

Deck Building Permit The city of Ottawa Review

All construction to meet or exceed the requirements of the 2006 Ontario Building Code and Supplemental Standards 

1. All work whether detailed on plans or not is subject to the field approval of the Building Ispector 

2.Deck foundation shall extend to not less than 150mm (5 7/8") above ground level 

3. Footings / sonotubes must bear on undisturbed soil minimun 48" below grade, bell out bottom 

4. Deck posts shall be centrally located on footings 

5. Decks NOT attached to the house, and not more than 24" high may rest on an approved footing or foundation system (e.g. Deck Blocks) on grade 

6. Decks attached to the house are NOT permitted to be supported on brick veneer; they shall be attached to the house framing structure;

7. Deck needs to be protected by a guard where there is a difference in elevation of more than 600mm (23 5/8") between the deck surface and the adjacent grade.

8. For decks more than 24" above grade and up to 5'-11' above grade, the guard must be minimum 36" high with no climbable attachments and no openings greater than 4". For decks more than 5'-11' above grade the guard must conform to the above except the minimum height is 42".

9. Pickets shall be fastened with screws at the top and bottom. Turned pickets are NOT permitted.

10. Supporting posts are required every 3'11" in typical post and rail guardrail system.

11. Provide solid blocking between joists at guard rail posts where guard is parallel to joist direction

12. Guards shall meet requirements set out in Div.BSubsection 9.8.8. and/ or SB-7 of the Supplemental Standards of the 2006 OBC.

13. Stairs with more than 3 risers must have a handrail.

14. Wood stair stringers shall be of minimum size of 2x10 and the space between stringer shall be not more tjan 2'11". Stringers shall be supported and secured at top and bottoms.

15. Exterior stair dimensions

Rise: max.200 mm (7 7/8") and min. 125 mm (4 7/8")

Run: max. 355 mm (14") and min. 210 mm (8 1/4")

Tread depth: max. 355 mm (14") and min. 235 mm (9 1/4")

Tread not less than 1 1/2 actual thickness when open risers are used.

16. You shall respect the lot grading of your lot and those that surround it.