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Deck Extensions Additions

Deck Extensions 

   With any upgrage in mind deck extension is probably a good option when looking for ideas on improving outdoor space in your backyard. Extending deck size is a simple and cost effective solution if the existing deck is still in a great shape. Many homeowners choose to extend deck to pool instead of building a brand new decking structure. 

  A very common situation home buyers face when buying new houses from major  builders is that the backyard decks are too small. Whether it is a deck extension for grill or for outdoor furniture, our deck builders can offer interesting deck designs to meet your dream deck ideas. 

Deck Additions 

  To extend an existing high deck a permit is mandatory. However if deck additions do not imply any changes to the existing framing and railing structure building permit might not be needed. In any situation it is of vital importance to make sure that the deck contractor you hire has experience and knowledge of the provincial building code regulations. You can see many photos and videos of deck extension ideas, designs or contact our decking installers to guide you through the deck building challenges.