Deck Care and Maintenance Tips

 Wood decks might present problems due to a variety of causes, most of which we'll try to explain here and give some advice on how to properly maintain and care for your deck . Decks, like many other things if is not maintained properly may be ruined quickly. Main and common tips are: ottawa deck builders kanata

Keep your deck off dirt, snow and ice.

The balance of shade and sun on your deck will make it last longer. 

Let the furniture and other movable objects change location on the deck so it's weathered evenly. 

Treat your deck in timely and duly manner.

Deck Mold and  Mildew

Modern paint and stains, in order to be less toxic, are less effective in controlling mildew than those of the past. Regular washing and deep cleaning with anti-bacterial solution is essential to preserving wood decks.  Failure to do this prior to staining traps the bacteria that will continue to deteriorate the wood under the stain. 

Deck's Wear and Appearance 

Different parts of the deck (i.e. floors, handrails, pickets and fascias) wear differently, and require different treatments, at different intervals, in order to maintain uniform wear and appearance.

Deck Stain and Preservative

Decking Clear preservatives tend to dry out and wear off rapidly, causing discoloration and allowing mildew to penetrate the pores of the wood. Even when freshly done, ultraviolet rays pass through the film and soften and deteriorate the wood fibers. Many of these problems have been made worse with the change from oil-based to acrylic stains, increasing the failure rate of the protective film, and actually speeding up decay of the wood. Although it seems simpler and easier to do every deck completely every 7 years,  this rarely results in acceptable appearance over time due to item number two above.  It also usually results in substantial and expensive wood replacement at some point.

How frequently a deck should be serviced?

Depending on the balance of sun( which may dry out the wood  if exposed excessively) and shade (which may cause mold and mildew appear) your wood deck gets we can understand how often the deck must be sealed and stained to maintain a weatherproofing effect . The durability of deck preservatives vary between 3 to 5 years .  The part of region you live,namely  weather conditions should be taken into consideration when making decisions on deck care and maintenance of decking materials your deck was build with.

Can I weatherproof a new deck immediately or should I wait some time? 

Depending on type of wood (decking material) your deck was built with the proper time for sealing and staining can be established. For better deck maintenance results most Ottawa deck builders advice wait a couple of months before the decking wood material dries out to be ready for treatment. In some cases  when the decking material was already dry enough deck sealing and staining can be made immediately after the deck construction. 

Deck finishing ideas. Transparent deck stain. Stain colors for decks

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If you like you wood deck to have a natural original appearance then a transparent stain is what you need. You can choose a semi-dark or dark finishes but keep in mind that 

 once the deck is stained in dark color it might be problematic to return it an initial lighter original appearance. Oil penetrates wood and the only way to remove its dark color is by sanding. But at the same time transparent or semi-transparent deck stains protection is much weaker than dark colour deck stains. Dark Solid deck stains penetrate less sunlight covering all grain preventing wood from over drying on sun exposure. Transparent finishes has one hundrend percent grains semi-transparent vary up to 75 percent. Here is the chart of deck finishes and their durability (i.e. recommended to renew once in _  years.):

100% Transparent  Stains                 - 1 year 

100% Transparent with pigments     -  2 years

Semi-Transparent  Stains                 - 3 years 

Solid Stains                                    - 4 years

How soon can I use my newly build and stained deck?

If your deck is not sealed r stained, you can use it immediately. But if you need a deck to be weatherproofed, first of all the deck is advised to be washed. Chemicals the lumber is usually treated for protection should be removed by washing with water and drying. As only the deck is dried oil-based or latex finishes can be applied which take them up to 4 days depending on weather conditions to dry before you can start using your deck.

Composite Deck  Maintanance and Care. 

Composite deck material contrary to timber decking materials do not need to be serviced except for water washing once a year which not mandatory either.

How to Save Money on Building a New Deck?

If you have an old deck with a still sound framing structure, you may just replace railings and flooring. Or very often our clients need to expand their existing deck space so by leaving the old structure to which a new deck is attached saves a great deal of money with the same result. 

Feel free to contact our Otttawa Deck Builders Specialists to learn more on how can we help yur deck to serve you better and longer.