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   "The leader in Canadian deck contractors' sector with multi-billion revenues employing lifetime experienced deck specialists" are what the most potential clients believe the deck contractor they want to hire must be. Well. It sounds reasonable. Though it's not about our company let us tell you about our enthusiastic deck builders' team FeDeck before you make your decision on what type of decking contractors you really need. deck masters team sm

   Like many of our clients who kindly help us to learn what they are most interested in our company, we are happy hearing your comments, suggestions and questions. We hope you find the information below helpful in determining your future deck contractor:

Big or Small ?

FeDeck.com. is a team of young enthusiastic professionals dedicated to making the world a better place. By the start of 2019, our team consisted of 9 decking specialists iengaged in deck designs and plans, sales, deck building.  Having university education backgrounds our teammates believe the intelligence helps us understand our clients's needs and expectations to provide a better service. We have a long way to go before calling ourselves a leader in the sector but we believe the quality of our service and pricing policy are ones of the most competitive in the market. Years of deck building experience and knowledge of the Ontario Building Code as well as a long and good experience with the city building authorities are what make us competent and confident in doing the work we have a great passsion for. Starting from a family-owned deck company, now we operate in Ottawa Area, Kanata, Stittsville, Nepean, Barhaven, Manotick and Richmond . The company's growing pace makes us believe we are on the right way. So answering the question we can conclude that we are small but one of the steadily growing deck contractors with good reputation and right ambitions.

Public company, Private or Family-owned business?

With the helpof our clients we have grown from a family-owned decking contractor to a private corporation and striving to make our way to becoming a public deck company in future.

How long have you been in deck business?

The questions is aimed to find out deck building experience, so we believe it might be more correct if experience of employed staff is counted rather than just a company's age. Would you work with a century company who frequently employs cheap part-time individuals or a realtively young deck contractor with full-time dedicated deck specialists who constantly improve their skills and knowledge in the sector? The building specialists have been around in school building construction business since 2007 however FeDeck.com as an excusive deck contractor was established in 2014 and being managed by experienced deck builders.The main priorities of our company are providing quality customer service together with good workmaship and materials while maintaining a competitive pricing policy. 

Who’s at the helm? 

Deck building ottawa

Rustem Samikhov, having founded the deck company in 2014, is the team leader, supervises every single project in Ottawa and carries daily operations including sales, deck design and building. Fluency in 5 foreign languages, university education  and  more than 15 years of experience in construction related businesses such as construction of school buildings and renovations are main expertise of Rustem. We believe that it's not a single person but all our deck experts make us one of the decent deck contractors in Ottwa every client and employee likes to deal with.

Where are you based?

We are officially located in Kanata, and physically our deck workshop and store facilities are in Richmond, Ottawa though we operate in the whole Ottawa area (Kanata, Stittsville, Barrhaven, Nepean, Manotick, Richmond). To be considered as a reputable decking contractor we do our best to help any inquiry whether it is deck repairs or completely new deck projects. Our sale representatives visit clients and their places to provide consultations and estimates. Our free deck consultaion service is not only about taking measurements for planning and designs but to find out the best deck solutions, and designs to make our client's deck ideas become something they would enjoy in first place and benefit from a quality upgrade when/if they decide their house.  

What makes you, as a deck contractor special?

We are quick in starting and finishing your project! We guarantee 100% compliance with the Ontario Building Code and The City of Ottawa's regulations and by-laws.  Our first priority is to provide a better service, so we never take decking projects that we cannot start or fulfill in time. We are reliable! There are many reliable deck contractors in  Ottawa, but we strive to be the one our clients would recommend to their friends and neighbours. We use only high quality materials and never sacrifice quality for money. If we promised something even in words, it will be carried out at any expense. Workmanship you satisfied with! We provide 5 -year warranty on workmanship. Quality materials we use together with proper workmanship may significantly extend the average life of any deck. Choosing FeDeck as the decking contractor for your project would be a priviledge we'd value and do our best to prove that you made the right decision.

Why should I hire you and one of other decking contractors?

Let's be honest! There are good deck contractors in the market as well as those which you had better not hire at all. We have seen many newly built decks with poor quality which in some cases is so dangerous that can cause loss of health and even life for deck users. According to our experience we could classify poor deck builders in 3 categories:

1. DIY - Do It Yourself. It's not a secret that by doing a deck project by  yourself you can save up to 40% if compared to hiring a professional deck contractor. But never forget that the premium paid to contractors includes: many years' experience (mistakes, losses etc. you most likely will make), compliance with by-law requirements (in some case DIY deck had to be completely destroyed because of danger of collapse due to non-compliance with local by-laws)

2. Cheap price. Many new not experienced contractors take a contract by giving an unreasonably low quotes. How can you beat the competitors’ price in similar market conditions: 1. Cheat on materials: use lower quality materials or use less what's needed 2. Employ inexperienced or illegal workforce. 3. Invent some other rarely used schemes.

3. Low professional experience and knowledge. We came across to some poor quality deck projects which were built for quite a high price. Although materials used in construction were of a good quality, they mostly were wasted because of lack of experience and knowledge. Just imagine that a newly built deck colapsed in the center just the next year after it was built. Disassembling that deck, moving posts and assembling again made this deck a total financial loss . Decks built without properly attached joints, not leveled or with the lack of supporting posts in most cases had to be taken down. So just guess what a quality this deck will be if its structure has undergone such unnecessary reconstruction? Anothe inportant thing is the Deck Permit. MOst of the decks are built without ones, because many deck contractors do not want to waste time and resources on obtaining a permit and undergoing the city inspection during the course of deck building. Honestly we as a deck contractor lose a lot of time on obtaining permits, booking inspections and the papaerwork, but we  ahve to admit that there is no other way than the legal one.

So, that's how we can answer such a seemingly simple question, because what we can guarantee you is that your deck will be built in timely manner, reasonable price, good workmanship, quality materials, in compliance with Ontario Building Code and Ottawa's building by-laws and appealing customer service. You will get a free estimate. No deposit needs be paid to start the deck project and it will have a 5-year warranty. Still thinking? Then ask us your questions or concerns.

Best Regards,

FeDeck.com - Your reliable deck contractor !